⚡⚡New show⚡⚡
TOKYO INTERIORS at Isetan Shinjuku グローバルクローゼット until May 2nd


You have until May 2nd to visit a small promo show of my work at Isetan dept Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

There are 4 huge drawings filling a wall. They are part of the series I created to be displayed on Electric Objects, beautiful digital displays you can hang on the wall just like a painting only they are well, electric. The EO series is subtly animated (thanks to Fons Schiedon for the help) as the video here and will come out only for EO subscribers soon. The drawings in Isetan are a beautiful print on canvas of some of them and hopefully you will find them worth the trip to Shinjuku.

The show is in the Isetan Women building 2F, at Shinjuku Sanchome Station – if by train, follow the marked Isetan exits –. Go up to the 2nd floor and ask for GLOBAL CLOSET グローバルクローゼット once there. Here's a floor map just in case you get lost.

Thank you for your visit. 


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