Luis Mendo
Luis Mendo


Maybe you know, but in Japanese the verbs for writing and for drawing are the same: “Kaku”. Although they are written with different kanjis: 書く and 描く, both read as Kaku.

After living in a country (The Netherlands) where the two actions and their results are completely separated and even violent enemies (see the story of the beeldenstorm) in today’s Dutch editorial floors, it took me a while to understand why the Japanese would use the same word for both. I hear funny sentences like “draw your signature here” and “write a cat with red pencil” often in Tokyo. Are these actions truly so different? In fact, we can render a cat with lines in a way not too far off from writing (drawing?) the 3 letters C-A-T on a row. And we definitely draw our signatures. Since I consider drawing and writing being so close to each other, it was only a matter of time that I’d start writing too. You can read my first attempts on my Medium page.

Below you will find some of my latest writings which I know aren’t very good yet, but you know, neither are my drawings.

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